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Has a loved one recently passed away? Are you the spouse, child or heir of an individual that may or may not have had a will, had personal property, real property, or bank accounts? Probate is a legal process where the estate or property of a decedent is administered. When your loved one passes away their personal or real property must be distributed in accordance with the Will, the law, or both. This process is called Probate. IBC Law Firm can resolve your simple probate matters efficiently.
Probate Services offered by IBC Law Firm:

•Small Estate Affidavit: A Small Estate Affidavit is a form that provides a loved one with the legal right to obtain personal property or real property from the decedent’s estate without going through a formal or informal probate process. This is a great option if the value of the property to be transferred is limited and all heirs are in agreement about how the property is to be transferred.

•Informal Probate: Informal probate is one of the simplest types of probate. A personal representative or executor (determined by A.R.S. §14-3301 A) is appointed by the court and administers the assets of the estate with minimal court supervision.

•Appointment of Personal Representative: During probate the Court may appoint a personal representative to administer the personal or real property of the deceased. Once appointed the personal representative owes certain duties pursuant to the Arizona Probate Code.

•Formal Probate: Formal probate occurs when there is an issue with the estate. The Court must hear the issues, and the process may require several hearings. Issues that may cause formal probate are:

•Will contests-when there are conflicting wills and the court may determine which would be valid.
•The will is missing.
•There are unknown heirs or the estate requires an appointed personal representative
•Disputes among heirs of the will.

•Transfer of Real Property After Death: When a loved one dies with real property, the property may be distributed by automatic transfer, by affidavit, or through probate. IBC Law Firm will work to ensure that the property of your loved one is distributed efficiently, discuss tax consequences related to the transfer and advise you of additional issues or probate matters that may arise.