Corporate, Partnership and LLC Formation

We understand the importance of properly forming or incorporating your business. Practical solutions for legal problems are an asset to any business, regardless of size or industry. With our experience and knowledge, IBC is your one-stop law firm for forming corporations, LLC’s, and other entities that best suits your specific business needs.

Trademark & USPTO Services

Business names and logos are the first impressions future customers have of your company, so we understand how important it is to have the right ones to properly convey your services. The IBC Law Firm can help you ensure you’re not infringing on another trademark owner’s rights and file a federal trademark application for yours. Our experienced attorneys will also guarantee that the status of your long-awaited trademark will always be up to date.

Copyright & Intellectual Property Matters

If you have writing, photography, or videos you want to protect, you may want to register them with the U.S. Copyright Office. Doing so protects you against people who steal your work or copy it too closely, in addition to securing your intellectual property rights. Our lawyers can assist with all the steps of copryrights, from registering one to filing claims against people who use yours illegally.

Buying or Selling a Business

Making the decision to buy or sell a business can be a complicated endeavor that sometimes requires a significant amount of money, along with understanding existing legal documents and setting up new ones. Our experienced attorneys are skilled in business acquisitions and can help ensure you’re getting the best price for your business.

Business and Employment Contracts

When creating a business or dealing with real estate matters, having the correct contracts in place will pay off without a doubt in the future. With our high level of service at affordable prices, we can provide you with Employment Agreements, Legal Disclaimers, Notices, Operating Agreements, Residential Leases, Commercial Leases, Real Estate Deeds, and more.

Internet Law & Technology Services

Our attorneys at the IBC Law Firm specialize in a large variety of Internet-related legal issues and marketing services to provide our clients with the expertise and knowledge to navigate the digital world successfully. With us, you can be confident that you, your brand, and your business will be protected.

Real Estate Law

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Even though contemplating your own mortality can be difficult, estate planning is essential to an overall financial plan. The more assets you have, the more planning you should do, and we can help you successfully plan for greater financial control over your estate for loved ones, and for greater privacy over these future affairs.

Revocable Living Trust Lawyer

Bankruptcy Law

Creditor | Debtor Law

Civil Litigation – Plaintiff & Defense

The decisions you make today will affect your business in the future, so it’s vitally important to make sure they’re the right actions. When the IBC Law Firm represents clients in pre-litigation and litigation situations, our attorneys work aggressively and diligently to ensure the case is resolved as quickly as possible.