Our business attorneys at the IBC Law Firm specialize in a large variety of Internet-related legal issues and marketing services to provide our clients with the expertise and knowledge to navigate the digital world successfully. Some of our legal specialties include resolving domain name disputes and theft, trademark infringement and copyright/DMCA issues, and unfair competition situations. We also provide multiple services in internet-related business matters including affiliate marketing programs, crowdfunding platforms, high-traffic bloggers, and e-commerce companies. With us, you can be confident that you, your brand, and your business will be protected.

In-Depth Trademark Search
Ruling out all possibility of pre-existing trademarks that could hinder the approval of your trademark and eliminate all legal complications.

Preparation of Trademark Applications
Ensuring all documentation is appropriately filled out.

Filing of Applications to the US Patent & Trademark Office
Sending in all necessary documents to begin the application process.

Tracking of Applications
Keeping up with all USPTO actions on your behalf.

Keeping You Updated
Staying on top of all related activity with your application and allowing you to be in understanding of anything that occurs.

Mailing of Registration Certificate
When received, the certificate of registration will be mailed to you immediately.

Copyrighted Material
Knowing what material is copyrighted, what rights you have to use it, and how to file a copyright with the US Copyright Office.