Like any business related startup, a nonprofit entity formation comes with plenty of hurdles. There are various steps under Arizona and Federal tax laws as well as the Arizona Nonprofit Law that are necessary and can be tricky. Having access to your attorney at all times will allow there to be absolutely no confusion. When allowing the IBC Law firm to assist you in your nonprofit startup, the quality of work that is promised is guaranteed to warrant success. With a mentor throughout all steps of the formation, you will have a full understanding of your charitable, educational, religious or other nonprofit entity and can ensure that everything is done properly.

Basic Services

An Answers to All Questions
Answers related to your nonprofit corporation in Arizona.

Preparation of the Articles of Incorporation
Assistance in properly filling out documentation.

Provisions to Articles of Incorporation
Allowing members into the foundation if desired.

Tax-exempt Provision
If chosen to do so, the provision to be IRS tax-exempt will be included into the Articles of Incorporation.

Preparation of The Certificate of Disclosure
Necessary for each member named in the Articles of Incorporation.

ACC Cover Sheet
Included in the Articles of Incorporation required by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Filing of Documentation
Filing of the Articles of Incorporation (Arizona Corporation Commission cover sheet included) and the Certificate of Disclosure.

Publish the Notice of Publication
A publication will be made in an ACC approved newspaper.

Additional Services

Bylaw Adjustments
If your nonprofit corporation plans to file to be IRS tax-exempt, provision to the Bylaws will be made accordingly.

Preparation of Organizational Minutes and Resolutions
In regards to the board of directors of the corporation required by the Arizona Revised Statutes.