Although it’s not required to register a trademark, we highly recommend searching through a trademark database to see if any mark has been registered or applied for that matches yours too similarly, or if yours is too similar to other related products and services. There are complexities that make a trademark search more complicated than other searches. For instance, trademarks can be “live” or “dead.” Live trademarks can affect your chances of successfully registering your trademark, whereas dead trademarks cannot be used to block an application. There are other nuances that you should be aware of that can affect whether or not a trademark is eligible for registration.

Trademark Attorney

At IBC Law Firm, we thoroughly look for not only exact trademarks, but also ones that are similar to yours that may pose a problem. We know to search for references to federal trademark registrations, state trademark registrations, and common trademark laws. Let us help you find and register a trademark for your business today.