Statutory Agent Service: $75/yr

Billed annually in January

Statutory Agent Requirements

All LLC’s are required by state law to have a defined statutory agent. A statutory agent should maintain a physical presence.

An AZ Statutory Agent must be available in person during normal business hours to sign for any correspondence. We keep staff at the front desk during normal business hours to satisfy this requirement.

Your Statutory Agent must have a physical street address in Arizona – not a P.O. Box.

Statutory Agent Service Benefits


  • Legal Mail Receipt

    We will read, scan, save to file and email any legal correspondence.

  • Mail Review

    An attorney will review any legal correspondence we receive as your statutory agent. Additional correspondence will be billed hourly.

  • LLC Management

    All amendments to LLCs are included in our statutory agent service. You as the client are required to pay any filing fees. We also include updating addresses such as your business address and member addresses, adding or removing members, and any other related LLC amendments.

  • Attorney Service

    One free attorney-client phone call per year last up to 10 minutes. This 10 minutes can also be applied to emails or document review or document drafting. Additional time will be billed hourly, per your attorney-client agreement.